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Schools today don’t prepare students with all the tools they need to succeed. At BEEC, we equip students with comprehensive test prep, inspiring mentorships, college application help, and tailored internships so they can lead a confident, successful life.

To get into the right college program, it’s not enough to simply have high test scores and a good work ethic. Today more than ever, students are faced with increased pressure to stand out and make a strong impression in order to avoid failure. At BEEC, we make sure no student is left behind. With the help of professional consultants and personalized mentorship, students fast-track their academic growth and chart the course for a lifetime of success.
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The BEEC Story

Located in the Blackhawk Plaza of Danville, California, BEEC Inc was formed for a single mission: to prepare students with everything they need to succeed in life. While studying abroad in various countries such as England, Singapore and China, our founders quickly realized something was missing from education worldwide. The current education system wasn’t preparing students for “the real world.” Looking back, our founders discovered they had wasted years navigating the education and business world without the right tools and guidance. Immediately, our founders committed themselves to helping younger generations avoid wasting their lives with what they should’ve had from the very beginning: true mentorship and test preparation.

When it comes down to it, the education system doesn’t teach kids to think for themselves. But with the right guidance and preparation students can find success in today’s complicated job market. At BEEC, we’ve spent years studying human psychology and developed a revolutionary way to help kids think for themselves and guide them towards building a life they can be proud of.

For the last 5 years we’ve been helping students in the East Bay and around the world think for themselves, ace their exams, manage their college applications, have their ideal career plan mapped out, and find excellent internships. 

We’re located in the Blackhawk Plaza in Danville California. We specifically chose this space to offer the best experience to our students and their parents. While students learn in a less trafficked, more peaceful, and focused space, their parents aren’t stranded; the huge selection of stores and daily events provide opportunities for enrichment and entertainment.

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